Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 4: Practice makes perfect

It's been a unconventional week, as far as development goes.

Just recently, Google has been encouraging developers to make a pretty big shift in their development process. This week has strictly been focused on meeting these requirements

Quick history lesson: When the Android SDK was released, the software provided to write Android apps was a plugin for a common Development program called Eclipse. It was fairly simple to use but had a lot of limitations; None the less, it was the defacto way of developing and debugging Android apps. At the end of 2013, Google released an early version of an Android only development software called Android Studio. In December, the official version of the software was released with a request to all developers to move their development to Android Studio only.

The difference between the two is actually quite large and it has been a difficult learning curve for me, so I decided to take a course on Android Studio. It's comprised of most of my free time this week, and probably going to carry over next week. It's in my plans to also take a course on some of the new Android features. I'm driving to bring the very best, and the more practice I have with creating a good User Experience, the better I can deliver on my promises.

Last, before I close this blog, I want to talk just a little bit about the testing I've done so far this week. If you remember from last week, there is no GUI right now, so it's a little difficult to work with. Nonetheless, currently the app only lets you apply a playlist on application ringtones using a temporary ringtone picker I made. Basically, you go to any app and click set Notification Ringtone. So far it has successfully shuffled and played the next ringtone on the playlist. So far I have not had any problems, with the exception of some cosmetic and technical choices I was using specifically to test. There is a lot more functionality already put into the app, but this is the only thing that can be done through the barely existent GUI. Really exciting stuff are on its way. Hopefully, once I get through all the courses I have planned, I will be well on my way to get the GUI's I've drawn and designed.

Anyway, Hope y'all have a great week. I wanted to share some images of where the magic happens. I didn't take any pictures of my whiteboard wall that I bought, but here's my desk and my gadgets that I am using to test, and some that I have ideas planned for in the future. Enjoy :)

My many screens where the magic happen.

My devices. Amazon HDX, A Lumina 520 Windows phone, an LG G Watch, HTC One M7, HTC One Max, Samsung Vibrant, Google Cardboard, and I use a HTC One M8 as my main phone :)

I officially got my degree this week as well. This is the reason ShuffleTone has been postponed for so long. Sorry about that :)

Tyler -- DizWARE

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