Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 5: What you see is what you get

There's a cool acronym that I've always liked as a developer, that's pretty common among different platforms - WYSIWYG; It means What You See Is What You Get. Essentially, when developing a visual interface, a common tool that is provided is a WYSIWYG editor meaning you basically drag things where you want, and where you put it is where it will be in the final product.

One of the cool things that Android Studio provides is a very good WYSIWYG editor. This certainly makes things easier. It's still work, but for a guy who can't even draw good stick figures, this helps out a ton. I spent a lot of time this week playing around with Android Studio's editor. So far, I've really worked on row items, headers, footers, as well as the Action Bar. Now, this it isn't much in way of the actual app, but it is some fairly decent progress. None of it is final; Actually all of it needs work, but I think it's a great start.

Here's some screen shots of some of the progress:

An example a single Alarm Clock Item(imagine a list of these)

An example of the header that is in the
ringtone browser.  Imagine this at the very top
of a list of ringtones 

An example of the button that would  be found at the bottom of
a list of Ringtone Playlists.

An example of a Playlist item that would be
found on the home screen. It shows where
playlists are in use

This is an example of the Ringtone Player that would be found
in the filebrowser. The player will be black but the list
of ringtones will be white. Try and imagine what that looks like

An example of a Ringtone item in the
File browser. I'm not sold on this one. Expect
this to change

This is an example of a possible alarm creator. This is basically
what Android provides, but I kinda like it. It will depend
on how it looks once it's integrated
A very early look on the action bar. There
is a sort button, and a add playlist button; The
Color matches the new icon, which I like

A very early look at the navigation bar. This is not even close
but I am using the navigation bar as the way to navigate around
the app

Now as I said, this is all very early. It is all subject to change. I've done this first so that I can use placeholder pieces to put together a prototype, which then will weed out the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Feel free to comment what you think. I appreciate your opinions. If you really don't like something, let me know and I'll take your opinion into consideration. GUI's have previously been my struggling point, as some of you already know, so it's my goal to really take the best opinions, including my own and make something great.

Anyway, it's late. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Hey man! just saw this blog via your FB page. I assume Shuffletone is an app you've created??? and this is like an update in the works?? Looks great. i would download it fo sho