Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week 8 - Progress

It has been a great week for progress. Last week, I was having an impossibly difficult time loading all the ringtones quickly and correctly. I needed to get information from each audio file, that was incomplete using the system MediaStore. I have officially fixed this. I have 1400 Media files on my phone, that load instantly with all the correct media information, Which is already a lot better then the version that is on Google Play. The code is much cleaner as well :)

Next thing I did was hook up a list adapter. The job of a list adapter is to take a list of items that has a large amount of data, and turn each one into a presentable element that the user can interact with. Those elements are then placed in the list you see. I then also added a Media Player that will sit at the bottom of the screen. I haven't quite finished the functionality of the Media Player but the aesthetics are officially in place. I'd like to add the ability to minimize the Media Player while the user isn't interacting with it, but I'm thinking that won't be too hard. I'll make it happen :)

Here's a pic:

I really like it looks. I've tested it on an older phone on Ice Cream Sandwitch, a Phablet, and a tablet. The experience has been consistent and, looks good on all devices. I'm getting pretty excited as pieces start coming together.

I'm hoping to keep up this progress. I think, once I get through a lot of the specific GUI issues, progress will really speed up.

Anyway have a great week!
Tyler -- DizWARE 

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