Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 9ish: Hooking it up

I did not post last week. I didn't have time to work on anything, and so there really wasn't anything to post. But I'm back again this week :)

The last post I made, I showcased the visual side of the file browser. This week, I hooked up those pieces that work with the browser, including the Select All button, selecting individual ringtones, and the Media Player.

Yes folks, you can now select a ringtone and it will play. You can also pause and switch between whatever ringtone you choose. I always loved playing in the finished file browser of my previous versions of ShuffleTone. A long time ago, when phones were a lot slower then they are now, I'd use the file browser to show off my ringtones or songs I had downloaded, because it was actually faster to get it booted up and to find and play the song. I feel I have resurrected that feeling. It's super fast and clean. The media controls allow for easy pausing and show info about what you are playing. Overall, it is a much better system than anything I've previously done for ShuffleTone.

I'm not far from finally being able to save new playlists I think. I want to get the look and feel finished first before I move on to that. I was thinking as I was driving home that in the past, the most difficult development was the file browser. It took a long time, always had crazy bugs, and never looked very good, even though it took the longest to develop. I'm hoping that once the file browser is finished, everything else will begin to fall into place, so I'm doing my best to really make it look and feel great. I really think I've been successful so far :D

Hope y'all have an awesome week!!
Tyler -- DizWARE


  1. I don't mind paying for a PRO version which supports another apps like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, but right now the app only change notifications when a text is sent.
    I'm not an android programmer, but can't you listen to the notification sound file being read or the audio losing focus to check if a notification was played? Also there is the new notification listener but only for recent versions of android, which is not ideal.

  2. Hi Tyler !

    can u please fix dual sim ringtone issue with that software???? because its working fine on sim 1 but not working with sim 2 in dual sim. at least not for my dual sim galaxy s6 :(